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fieldwork24 is a cloud based solution that consists of two modules, namely compliance and forms

fieldwork24 compliance

Compliance is the function of managing the requirements employees and contractors should legally adhere to in order to execute their daily work.


  • Compile compliance profiles for employees and contractors and ad hoc items such as vehicle licenses
  • The system checks when an employee or contractor has upcoming non-compliances and notifies the appropriate parties to proactively manage the upcoming non-compliances
  • The responsibility of keeping compliances up to date can be shared between the employee, contractor, your internal staff and other companies.
  • You can view an audit report at any time, showing your employee and contractor compliances status as it is, right now.


  • Limit risk for your employees and your company
  • Enhanced compliance levels
  • Promotes good governance
  • Proactively action upcoming non-compliances

fieldwork24 forms

Forms are digital form templates and are used to collect, record and report information usually filled out on manual forms, with the added function of processing this information into management reports.


  • Create your own form templated to their requirement
  • Schedule forms to be completed at regular intervals, such as checklists, toolbox talks etc
  • Act on notifications when forms are not completed in time
  • Manage issues needing attention as a result of checklists etc
  • Compile powerful management reports with our customer developed reportwriter


  • Enables remote management
  • Introduces a 'management by exception' model instead of micro management
  • Share information anytime, anywhere
  • Enhances collaboration in the company
  • Introduces documentation standards
  • Never lose or misfile documents again