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You can setup your system for FREE, including importing and designing your own form templates. You can aslo set up your safety files for free. Only pay when you fill our forms or upload documents to the safety file to keep it up to date.

Filling out a Form - R 10-00
Safety File Audit - R 150-00
Loading a compliance item - R 20-00
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Wed 10 March 2021 08h30 - Form Entry - Closed

Fri 12 March 2021 08h30 - Safety File Setup and Maintenance - Closed

Wed 17 March 2021 08h30 - Digital Signature on Forms - Closed

Fri 19 March 2021 08h30 - General Question and Answers - Closed
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Enhanced efficiency in your effort to stay compliant


Compliance management for employees, contractors and ad hoc items

Compile, manage and audit contractor safety files

Get notified well in advance of upcoming expiry dates to pro-actively manage upcoming non-compliances
Limit risk to your company and employees

Design customized audit templates

Colour code the outcomes

Score your outcomes per section

Enable collaboration with shared data hosted in the cloud


Design customized form templates for audits, inspection, toolbox talks and many more

Fill out form when required or schedule them to be filled out at regular intervals

Manage non-conformances identified during inspections

Our report writer turns data into management information
Outsourcing ensures optimized efficiency and access to expertise

From implementation assistance to your full health & safety function

Flexible outsourcing plans available based on budget and time

Share in our expertise and access to the best skills in specialised fields

Facilitating a remote health and safety compliance management capability, saving you cost and time
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The Corona virus pandemic has forever changed the way we will work in the future.

FIELDWORK24 is the ideal solution to set up your health & safety compliance management operation to adjust to the new way of work.

Businesses are aligning their operations to the following trends;

Remote working is one of the obvious considerations due to the current situation of lockdown, and social distancing.

Applying technology to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of processes.

As little as possible exposure to risk contracting the virus. This is done by social distancing, less travel and in general coming in contact with as few people as possible.

Preparing for similar situations in the future.

Collaboration through the use of technology and sharing information on a virtual platform.

So, how can FIELDWORK24 help you?

It is the ideal platform to remotely manage your health & safety compliance, as the solution is hosted in the cloud, making information available, when you need it.

You don't have to travel to sites to check if audits, inspections and other activities are can check it online, where ever you are.

We provide several outsourcing solutions to assist where ever you need us in your effort to stay compliant.

Outsourcing introduces flexibility to your operations, especially where specific skills are needed on a temporary basis.

We can customize a solution for your company, based on your budget and time required.